Feria Time

When I lived in El Puerto de Santa Maria in the mid-seventies I attended dance classes. They were free! The instructor taught people who danced in the feria and allowed the public to attend his classes. Not bad! It was so important to have a straight back and to try to be so elegant with your arms. Oh dear.

This short video will teach you some of the steps that I learned all those years ago.

After each class I’d saunter back along narrow streets to the apartment where I lived with two Spanish teachers who taught in the same school as me. I listened to raised voices, loud clapping, and smelled black tobacco, cheese and sherry that enveloped me in waves of longing. The people sat outside on the tiny sidewalk, watched me go by, as they played dominoes and tapped their feet to throbbing Flamenco movements.

I think even the geraniums perched inside colorful clay pots cemented onto walls danced and sang as I strode along, each step silent as the sky above.