Wee Dog in a Box, Rota, Spain, 1974

When I first got married in 1974. I lived in Rota, Spain in an apartment complex called La Costilla.

One day, I was out walking and came across a box on the sidewalk. Being curious, I immediately peeked inside to see what might be there. Would there be hidden treasures? Maybe boxes of candy? Guess what I found!

A wee puppy dog.

I picked him up, petted him and carried him home, all the time wondering how could anyone simply dump him in a box and abandon him?

Maybe the person believed he or she was doing the right thing, hoping that someone would look in the box and adopt him. Far better to live in a box than wander the streets and get hit by a car, or kicked by a fool. There were so many stray dogs lying asleep under palm trees, or lying dead at the side of the road.

Here he is. This is the two of us on the balcony at La Costilla, 1974. It was his lucky day, and mine, when I looked in that box.